Founded by Mr.Parveen Jawa and others, Yuvraj Printers started with a very humble beginning in recent years. We are a dynamic organization on understanding the needs of the changing business scenarios and hence we keep on upgrading our technology and encompassing automation on has been our constantendeavor.



Our Vision:


We will be the most sought afer supplier of corrugated boxes and cartons by renowned brands at national and internatonal levels. We would be the most sought afer organization by the best talent of the industry – there by creating the best products through best people backed with state of art technology.


Our Mission:


To continuously upgrade to better and automated technology that can give better quality of products with higher volume.


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Plant and Machinery Specifications


5 Ply Automatic double wall corrugated cardboard making machine (Taiwan) with a paper width of 1600 mm

@ 100 m/min Air-

Bonding technology (U.K) Comprising of


NC cut off

Slitter Scorer

Auto down stacker

Computerized PMS ( Programmable Management System )

A 2 color printing, Die-Cutting, Slotting machine, Ad-1300/2300 which has speed of 6000 boxes/hour.




Details of Offset Machines:

v          A 6 color Heidelberg Machine 28” x 40” size which provides very fine multi-color printing duplex & kraft paper

v          Two 4 colour Poly 466 Machine 19”x 26” size which provides very fine multi-color printing on duplex& kraft paper

v          Duplex Paper Cutting Machine- PERFECTA DORPET 38” X 52”E

Details of Printing Machine :- Ad-1300/2300



AD is a new model which reflects state-of-art design and DongFAng quality oriented manufacturing philosphy. It is designed for high performance, reliablity, operators safety and user-friendly controls to produce top quality cartons.

  •  Repeat orders can be stored and recalled by PLC control for last order set-up and easy operation. Dedicated computer control is provided.
  •  Malfunctions can be diagnosed by remote dial- up. Making maintenance and trouble shooting more efficient.
  •  A two color flexo printing extendable upto six colors
  •  Die-Cutting or Rotary cutting.
  • This machine is also equipped with Slot cuttingfacility.
  •  Ad-1300/2300 has a speed of 6000 boxes/hour.

Other Plant Specifications:

  •   4 sets of Corrugation Machines 52″ each with flute attachments A, B, C and E and capable of processing all types of Indian and Imported papers.
  •   5 set of Pasting Machines (all motorized) of 85″ each with processing capacity of 8000 sheets of 7 Ply in 8 hours.
  •    A Motorized Sheet Pressing Machines (54″*74″).
  •    3 sets of Die Cutting Machines. Size 40″ X 52″(1 Nos ) and 52″ X 72″(1 Nos) capable of accurately cutting cartons for air conditioning units.
  •   10 sets of Stitching Machines ( all motorized).
  •    2 set of Four Bar Rotary Machines (all motorized) for creasing and Cutting of corrugated sheets.
  •    2 Power Slotters motorized 72″ and 84″ for slotting any size.
  •    3 sets of Power Cutters for cutting and packaging maximum thickness and Size
  •    1 Board Cutters for cutting corrugated rolls and papers in different sizes.
  •    2 Flexo Printing Machines (size 75″ X 100″).
  •   1 Automatic Carton Drying conveyor system 95″ long and 66″ wide to ensure uninterrupted supply chain under adverse climatic conditions.
  •    Complete Gum making plant for internal usage.
  •   Printing Chain Slotter
  •   2 Diesel Generators for uninterrupted captive power generation.




  •  Three company owned trucks to ensure schedule adherence.
  •   A Carton Drying Conveyor in the Industry to combat adverse climatic conditions and ensure uninterrupted supply chain with a capacity of 800kg/hr.
  •   Substantial Captive Power provisions to counter any power shortage situation (3 generator sets).
  •   Own in house gum making plant to ensure quality.
  •   Fully Equipped Testing Laboratory.
  •  To support the automatic plant , we also have
  • Boiler from Trump Nagra
  • ALTAS screw compressor
  •   Bulk purchases of paper and other raw materials directly from the mills and manufacturing units with the aim to pass the resultant cost saving to our clients. Our highly accredited suppliers are:-
  • Dev Priya Products
  • Sainsons Papers
  • Genus Papers
  • Maruti Paper Mill